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The Book of Kells: Medieval Europe’s greatest treasure?

The Book of Kells was produced late in this period, perhaps around the beginning of the ninth century, and represents the high point in writing these artistic manuscripts. The manuscripts have been grouped by scholars based upon similarities in artistic style, script, and textual traditions. Among other surviving examples of this Biblical style are the Cathach of St. The name for the Book of Kells come from the Abbey of Kells in Kells, County Meath in Ireland where it was kept between about the eleventh and seventeenth centuries. It remained there when the abbey was dissolved in the twelfth century and made into a parish church.

In , the book was presented to Trinity College in Dublin where it has remained. The book has been re-bound a number of times and exists today in four volumes after a re-binding in The place, or places, where the Book of Kells was created is not known. Traditionally, it is thought the book was begun in the time of St. Columba in the sixth century. Based upon palaeographic evidence involving the style of script used in writing the book, it appears the manuscript was written after St.

Among the theories of its creation is that it was begun in Scotland, possibly at Monastery of Iona , and then brought to Kells Abbey when the monks of Iona moved to Kells to escape Viking raids at Iona. March 9, at pm. Scott in the Hill Country says:. March 11, at am. Lia says:. March 17, at am. Arlene Davis says:. March 17, at pm. Greg Croke says:.

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The artistic context of the manuscript, reflecting local and international styles. The theology and interpretations of the text.

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